Hanover, Silver Creek eye shared court building

Sometimes ideas pick up momentum fast. That was the case with a shared Silver Creek-Hanover municipal and court facility.

The town and village work together regularly and the conversation came out of the task force that negotiated a joint sheriff’s contract between the two municipalities.

Silver Creek’s court and offices have needed more space for years, but it was the more recent development of mold proliferation in Hanover’s town hall that spurred the conversation.

Now the county hopes to be of assistance if it wins the Municipal Consolidation and Efficiency Competition, which would bring in $20 million for consolidation projects like this one.

“Something that was considered a late entry into this application has now kind of risen to the top in a lot of ways. I’m very excited with the potential of this joint facility and the efficiencies that it will bring to both the town of Hanover and the village of Silver Creek,” County Legislator George Borrello said.

The Silver Creek Village Board unanimously passed the resolution of support to participate in the county’s phase two application. The village joins nine other projects in participating.

“We’ve got 10 solid projects that are part of this application and I can tell you from speaking with CGR and others that Chautauqua County is the one to beat in this competition. There’s only six finalists throughout the entire state competing for this and we’re one of them. We are the team to beat,” Borrello added.

Other projects include joint facilities for Dunkirk and Fredonia courts and police and Ellicott and Lakewood-Busti police as well as consolidation of the Jamestown Police and Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office, the towns of Charlotte and Gerry and a study of all the fire districts in the county.

“The good thing is (the state) told us, even if we don’t win this for some reason, it is still worthwhile to go through the process to put all this together because now we’ll be ready and they have other pots of money to fund these projects. Even if we don’t win the $20 million, it will be potentially ready to go so we can shop around to other state agencies and funding,” Borrello explained.

He added the application is due to the state June 28 and the announcement of the winner is expected in September.