Public Deserves Access To IDA Project Information

The Internet has put a wealth of information at our fingertips.

Kudos to George Borrello, R-Silver Creek, for trying to put a little more of that information out to the public. During a recent county Industrial Development Agency board meeting, Borrello proposed making more information about the subjects of public hearings public via the IDA’s website so the public can make better use of public comment during the hearings.

No financial information should be posted publicly, but the public should be given the opportunity to see relevant site maps and information about a project before they are asked to see it. Given the state of technology in 2017, there is no reason someone from Dunkirk should have to drive to Jamestown to view such information. In the same manner, we hope the IDA and all local governments are proactive in making this type of information public.

Being open, honest and transparent is the best way to stop the rumor mill from churning.