County Executive Candidate George Borrello Proposes the “Chautauqua Ready” Program Aimed at Preparing Sites for Development

Hanover, N.Y.: – County Executive Candidate, George Borrello, is pleased to announce that, if elected he will undertake a new initiative called “Chautauqua Ready.” The “Chautauqua Ready” program will essentially Identify, Prepare and Market Commercial and Industrial Sites for new business development to remove barriers for developers. This program will address the growing need for additional development-ready sites available in the County Industrial Parks and elsewhere throughout the County.


Mr. Borrello explains, “large and small parcels, within and outside of officially-designated industrial parks, will be identified and secured and then prepared with the appropriate utility infrastructure in place.  We must be proactive in the County, in terms of having available sites, as developers often need to move quickly in selecting sites and getting projects underway. They simply can’t afford to get bogged down in the lengthy permitting process required by state government.” Mr. Borrello continues to say “prior to marketing the parcels, all environmental and historic reviews (SHPO and SEQRA) will be undertaken to the extent possible, parcels will be appropriately surveyed and zoned, and local officials/Planning Boards will be part of the initiative from the beginning. We need to ensure that the local zoning in each city, town, and village is taken into consideration so that we are all united when pursuing new development projects.”


In terms of locating parcels, Mr. Borrello envisions a process whereby parcels will be strategically located, either within/adjacent to existing Industrial Parks in Sheridan and Busti, or at other tactical locations yet to be identified. Some of the sites may be acquired from the public or private sectors, while others may derive from the County inventory (properties that are owned outright or exist as tax foreclosed properties). Although it may be reasonable to develop spec. buildings, this concept will need to be carefully considered as developers typically have specific requirements in terms of building size, design, and function. As for the funding, Mr. Borrello stated that he would like to partner with New York State to secure funding for this aggressive approach.


Any comments or questions regarding this project should be addressed to George Borrello, Candidate for Chautauqua County Executive, by going to his website: and responding to the “contact us” prompt.