Chautauqua County Legislator George Borrello (R-Hanover) who has announced he will be seeking the office of Chautauqua County Executive in the upcoming November election, is releasing a ten-point initiative known as the “Elevating Chautauqua County Plan.” The “Elevating Chautauqua County Plan” has been developed to inform the public of the path Borrello intends to follow to ensure prosperity throughout Chautauqua County.


Covering critical areas such as community development, tax relief, regionalization, preservation of our natural resources, and tourism, the “Elevating Chautauqua County Plan” will give voters a clear picture of Borrello’s strategy to make Chautauqua County the ideal location to live, work, visit, and own a business. It is a blueprint that will guide him in his first four year-term should he be elected as County Executive.


“By releasing this plan soon after announcing my candidacy for County Executive I want to engage the community at the onset of my campaign so we can begin a discussion together to determine the best practices in moving Chautauqua County forward. Our county has been fortunate to have Vince Horrigan as our county executive, and it is my intent to build off the momentum and success achieved by Mr. Horrigan and take Chautauqua County to the next level” said Borrello.


“Between now and election day I intend to visit every community in the county to share my vision for Chautauqua County in the 21st century. By releasing the Elevating Chautauqua County Plan now, I want to give residents, business owners, and other key stakeholders the opportunity to study it, and make recommendations as to how we can best achieve success in the shortest time frame possible ” said Borrello.


The “Elevating Chautauqua County Plan” will be available to the public by going to Borrello’s campaign website “” and clicking on the link “Elevating Chautauqua County Plan.”