Ban On Microbeads Succeeds

To The Readers’ Forum:

We applaud the Chautauqua County Legislature, and the leadership of Legislator George Borrello, for unanimously passing a ban on microbeads. Local leaders are setting an example by showing state legislators in Albany that protecting health and the environment is something that all parties can get behind. Once this legislation is signed into law, Chautauqua County will be a leader in protecting our waterways from needless and reckless plastic waste.

The bill awaits the signature of Chautauqua County Executive Vincent Horrigan; we encourage him to sign it into law.

Found in products like face wash and toothpaste, it is easy to overlook the consequences of microbeads. But these plastic pellets flow down our drains, pass through wastewater treatment plants and escape into waterbodies like Lake Erie. The beads accumulate, attract toxics, can be eaten by fish, and then make their way into the food chain.

Statewide legislation passed the state Assembly with a 139-1 vote, with the support of Assemblyman Andy Goodell. The bill was sponsored by 59 percent of all state Senators but failed to receive a fair vote. Unfortunately, Senator Catherine Young has not yet signed on to cosponsor S3932. She should support this measure and work to secure its passage. The public deserves action.

Chautauqua County residents can be proud of the leadership demonstrated on this issue by their local legislators.

Saima Anjam

Environmental Advocates Of New York