Elevating Chautauqua County Plan Rev 04-19-17

Chautauqua County Republican Party

George’s Positions:


In order to keep taxes under control we must continue to encourage business growth in our area.  I think we need to pave the way by providing tax incentives and clearing a path through needless regulation and bureaucracy that create roadblocks to development. We must do our best to be the “diamond in the rough” in New York State by making Chautauqua County a better place to live, work, vacation and raise a family.

Tax Reduction…

The key to reducing taxes is to grow our tax base.  We can do that by being more business friendly and by making our area a better place to call home.  Bringing businesses to the area means having more private-sector conveniences for residents and more local jobs.  We need to continue to encourage businesses to set up shop in the county so the residents have less reason to spend their money elsewhere and the visitors have more reasons to come here.

Protecting our Lakes and Waterways…

In my time as a legislator, I have been fortunate to work with many great people on many projects.  With the help of other local officials, state leaders like Senator Cathy Young and Assemblyman Andy Goodell and also Congressman Tom Reed, we were able to get much needed dredging in our Lake Erie harbors.  We have also addressed erosion and nutrient load control in nearly all of the watersheds in our county, including Chautauqua Lake and its tributaries.  This is through the partnership of many organizations including the county Planning Dept, the Soil and Water Board and many other stakeholders.  But more needs to be done to protect and improve our natural resources.  So I will continue to work with this partnership that has yielded great results.


From Lake Erie, Chautauqua Lake and the many in-land lakes and waterways, fishing, hiking trails, skiing and snowmobiling we live in a beautifully unique county.   We need to continue to promote Chautauqua County tourism to the rest of the world.  Tourism is a growth industry in our county and it provides jobs, especially for our young people, and  is a mainstay for businesses, large and small, in our county.

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